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Natural stone in Oklahoma City, OK from Miller's Floor Store


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Alluro Castle Cream 9 X 9

Ascend Candid Heather Honed And Polished M109

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Center City Arch Grey 12X24 Honed M323

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Cultura Autumn 12 X 12 Pebble On Mesh

Decorative Accents Black River - River Pebble DA05

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Granite Absolute Black 12X12

Granite Collection Galaxy Black 12 X 12 Polished G772

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Haven Point Candid Heather - 12X12 Honed

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Limestone Champagne Light Striated  Chiseled 12X24

Marble Black  White 12 X 12

Marble And Onyx Collection Botticcino Semi Classico M703

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Marble Bianco Gioia Collection 5 X 12 Mini Cigaro Polished

Marble Calacata Oro Calacata Oro 5 X 12 Mini Cigaro

Marble Kalta Collection Bianco 12 X 12

Marble Silver Collection Silver Polished - Hexagon

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